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“Without poetry, our sciences are incomplete,
    sterile and arbitrary
full of dangerous dissatisfactions
     placing a statue
    where there was once a person.”

  • Read about creating and crafting Found Poetry. 
  • Learn a step-by-step process that works even for reluctant writers.
  • Includes 16 poems written/crafted by Charles, including one from an essay and one from a lawnmower operator’s manual.
  • Also includes a few examples from students.
  • Promote critical and creative thinking with any written text.

A creative classroom activity for:

  • Introducing students to the world of poetry.
  • Pre-reading or previewing ANY written text.
  • Creatively using annotations and close reading notes.
  • Summarizing ANY type of written text.
  • Helping students engage with difficult and complex texts.

Use Found Poetry in many subject areas:

  • In Social Studies as a way to preview a new unit.
  • In Science as a way of working with new vocabulary.
  • In Language Arts or English to explore poems from other authors.
  • In Art to add textual elements to compositions.
  • In Advisory as a way of reading and interacting with the student handbook.
  • In other classes to recontextualize learning.