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3-Pack Creative Thinking Cards – Zany Supplemental


Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.


This powerful 50-card deck of Creative Thinking Cards will provide hours of inspiration for individual and classroom activities. Included with the deck is a 42- page instructional booklet with dozens of ideas about how to use the cards, from simply forming groups to incorporating randomness to complex combinations that will spark the imagination.

This card deck is incredibly useful for all artistic endeavors, especially creative writing, poetry, journaling, and storytelling. Teachers will find them particularly useful since they were designed by a teacher with classroom activities in mind.

✓ Learn new strategies for creative thinking.
✓ Explore hundreds of ideas and combinations.
✓ Prompt creativity in powerful, collaborative ways.

Designed by award-winning author and teacher, Charles Fischer, these cards will change the way you see everything.


** Contact me for volume pricing**


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