The Power of the Socratic Classroom

Do You Have 21st-Century Skills to Help Your Students Succeed?
Do Your Students Have 21st-Century Skills to Think for Themselves?

The Power of the Socratic Classroom has the answers you are looking for— answers that will supply the strategies to show students how to succeed into the future. A future that has unknown products, unidentified jobs, and unanticipated challenges.

In Socratic Seminar, teachers shift to the role of facilitator, where they help their students develop the collaborative interpersonal skills, the critical and creative thinking skills, and the speaking and listening skills to face the upcoming challenges of the 21st century.

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"The Power of the Socratic Classroom is one of the most important education books ever written. What could be more vital than the development of clear, considered, bold and integrated thinking? Nothing. Within is an accessible comprehensive process that, over time, transmits a theory of knowledge for both teacher and student." ~


Headmaster, Sparhawk School

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